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Thread: 2003 Custom In-Dash 7" Touchscreen Install

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    One more question, then I'll leave ya alone ('till I think of another one)...

    Which product are you using to interface to the headunit? I've seen several out there that work with the factory in-dash changer...

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

    btw - I've been thinking of using the PXGM24, because I've seen other people have some success with it, but HU has XM as well. Don't know if that makes a diff.

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    looks good. take a look at mine. i actually originally put my screen below also but after some time using it decided it was a big pain in the a$$ trying to look down all the time. that and its really unsafe to have it that low.
    2003 Tahoe
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    90w m1-atx power
    Epia MII 12000 1.2ghz
    512MB PC2100
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    Panasonic Slot CD-rw/DVD
    iguidance navi

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