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Thread: Replacement center "glove box" for 2000 Subaru Impreza

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    Replacement center "glove box" for 2000 Subaru Impreza

    I'm considering 3 possible way to mount a 7 or 8" lcd (possibly touch - not sure it I'm willing to sacrifice any brightness):
    • Buy lcd already fabricated into a mount that replaces the center glove box
      (advantages - work is done; disadvantages - not done perfectly which may bug me and no way to hide lcd from prying eyes and absolutely no way to adjust angle in either plane and I would need to repaint it)
    • Build a hinge for an lcd to mount it in the existing central glove box (advantages - can hide lcd when not in use; disadvantages -will probably be hard to make the hinge neat, may not even fit...)
    • Buy an in dash lcd (advantages - easiest; disadvantages - most expensive & would hook somewhat ugly if mounted where the center glove box is which is probably the better choice for optimal viewing)

    I can get a center din mounting pack from here for $35:
    Gauge housing
    if I go for the din mount approach.

    Does anyone know where I could similarly get a replacement center glove box unit so if I attempt the fold up fabrication I don't mess up the car permanently (and for resale time...)

    For the fold up approach I am thinking of a hinge at the bottom of the screen that it can rotate up and forward around and velcro or magnets to steady the top against the hinged cover for the glove box. Thoughts?

    The other possibility is a 10.4" screen with some complicated hinge to rotate it in two directions to view (would only fit through width ways). There is bucket loads of space behind where the glove box fits that a large lcd could live in when not in use. Anyone attempted such a hinge?

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    Here's a piccy of the current 'center glove box' that I'm referring to. I did notice that the gaude housing online (which is really for a Subaru WRX) is not the full thing and I'm not sure if I can buy the air vent covers that aren't a part of the piece in the same way they are for my Outback Sport.
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