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Thread: Quick Help!

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    Quick Help!

    Hey all, I got a quick question. I've got an 04' tacoma and I'm fully integrating the touch screen into the dash. I went out and baught a seperate radio bezel so I can cut it up.

    I've been reading all the articles on how to bondo/fiberglass the screen and I think I'm confident with that, my question is this:

    What should I use to cut the plastic around the bezel ? I was thinking a hand Dremel, but the plastic is pretty thick any sugestions would be great thanks guys !

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    I think you would be able to use a dremel to cut through the plastic easily. I myself uses a blade from a hand saw and cut mine manually, but the plastic on my casing was not too thick. Oh, and with the dremel you will have to me careful with burning the plastic, I've burned wood with that thing.
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    I used a simple cutoff wheel.... just a bit that goes on to your drill and you put a cutoff wheel on it.... you'll go through a lot of them but it gets the job done well.. you can see how mine came out in my Project CompuMach thread
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    dremel and quattro is right dremel will melt plastic so watch out for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samc
    dremel and quattro is right dremel will melt plastic so watch out for that.
    Dremels have adjustable speed. Slow it down when cutting plastic. It will help prevent burning, as well as make the cutting wheels last longer.
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    Dremel is a neccesity in life.

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    a Jig saw is just as good... and much easier in my opinoin.

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    Dremel = knife through butter. I'd suggest trying it on a CD jewel case or a floppy and try to cut a straight line without melting it. Take the CD out first, though.

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    Quick Help

    Thanks for the input guys, I'm probably going to have to go out and buy a dremel, but it seems to be the way to go.
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    All this talk about Dremel is making wonder if my Dremel is feeling lonely, home... all by itself...

    I think I'll go buy a new attachment for it today and make it feel better

    As for the plastic... I just got through using my Dremel to convert a 30" aquarium hood to a 24" <evil grin> I had a lot of fun with that project <g>

    The plastic melted, flew and there was a smell in the air... I love the smell of burning plastic in the afternoon... smeels like... testosterone
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