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Thread: 4th Gen Camaro

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    4th Gen Camaro

    Has anyone flush mounted a screen into a 98+ Camaro because fabrication is going to be my hardest part. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi Flemaro,

    I haven't done this yet, but I'm planning on doing it very soon. I've got a 96 so the dash is a little different but...

    My idea was to take the bezel that goes around the radio and cut slits on either side, expand the bottom to accomodate my lilliput housing, then to bondo the hell out of it. Sand. Bondo. Sand. Primer. Sand. Posisbly more bondo. Sand. Primer. Paint. Attach lilliput, reinstall. Be happy <g>

    I'll try and do pics if I can get them.
    Mind Scream out

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    or this one...
    1997 camaro totally indash LCD and PC
    It's 97, but I'd think it's very close or at least will give you a picture of what this way would look like. It's not complete yet, though.

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