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I am going down the fiberglass route hopefully, as I am planning to have my screen on my dash, as opposed to indash, as I want it at eye height.

I have no fb experience, so I am getting a local car shop to do it for me... they said they can paint it the same as the dash too.

So if anyone knows of a place I can get the panel in black not wood grain, that'd be great. I am looking to have a lot of chrome and alluminium in the interior, as faux wood looks a little to faux for me

I've had a look on ebay, and I've not found one today. I'll keep looking though... but if any of you guys are in a junk yard etc, could you take a look and I'll paypal the money for it and delivery to the uK if you can get me one.



i have the same model as you RS frontera
And am about to kit it out with new single CD player new powerful door speakers and subs in boot with amps. any idea if i will have problems with the old wiring from the stereo