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Thread: How-To: Recessed Screen and DVD Drive

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    How-To: Recessed Screen and DVD Drive

    This screen is being installed in place of the original head unit, and will include a notebook tray-load DVD drive below.

    Trial fit of the recessed housing constructed with 5-Ply Birch Model Aircraft Plywood 3/16" thick. It glues up quickly with medium CA.

    The top is tacked with big, easily removed blobs of hot melt glue, and the bottom is secured with a couple of those nice little extra screws you have from removing the metal bracket on the back of your Lilliput. :

    The curved filler pieces on the sides are to fill two bulges in the plastic panel which matched the OEM head unit which had curved sides. They would look out-of-place with the rectangular screen. The recess above will be filled also.

    This picture shows the sanding done on the backside before apllying epoxy for adhesion. Sand everywhere you will apply anything that you want to stick:

    Masked all of the seams on the front to keep the epoxy from bleeeding through. Epoxy sticks best, so I use a Kevlar reinforced type liberally on the backside to glue everything together and to reinforce all the wood seams previously glued with CA:

    Backside after gluing. I heat the epoxy with a heat gun which lowers its viscosity and makes it flow nicely and soak into the wood well. It also cures faster:

    View showing two little cavities I filled up all the way. You can't have too much strength and weight is not an issue here:

    Front view after filler work with the drive and screen bezel installed:

    OK here's the finished install:


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    that looks sweet!...I wish I had skills like that...time to get my game up!

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    Man i need to get you workin on my 01 alty! Seeing ur threads makes me wish i had power tools. Oh yea.. and aptitude.

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    nice work, am planning on something like that but with a thin bezelt hat fits over the original one so i dont have to tamper with my screen. Keep us updated.

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    What kind of epoxy is that - brand, etc?
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    Poxy mine at Menards $12

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    WHAT DID you use to fill all that?
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    I must say this is the cleanest monitor install i have seen on this forum. Looks factory. Nice job.
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    This is the screen Altimat built for me The work is great!

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    Did you just cut the boards sticking out with a saw? Or did you sand them down? I'm confused how you got from the 3rd pic to the 6th pic. Awesome job, btw...the best I've seen on a recessed screen.

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