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Thread: Building the custom center console: a photo journal

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    yeah. the pantyhose gave me the shape. I laid the bezel on the backside of the pantyhose and used the resin to both glue the bezel to the pantyhose, and to give one layer of strength on top of the bezel. So I have a very thin layer (like 1mm) of material in front of the bezel and I cut out the button holes.
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    That is a gorgeous install, that car also looks really clean. keep up the good work man.

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    Looks awesome, man. Gives me some ideas for my old Chevy. I need to make a whole center console though. I've never done anything like that, but I'll certainly keep this thread bookmarked for the ideas.

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    nice man, iv got a 95 accord but just placin the screen in the double din slot. would love to do something simmiler to urs l8er. also 2 questions. 1. what rims are those? 2. were did you relocate the hazerd light button?

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    That looks really nice. I like the details on the bevels around the screen and the holes for the buttons.

    Have you thought about trying to fit the Computer components into the bay behind the screen? that way you would not have to lose your glove box.

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