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Thread: moving the heater controls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Monkey
    in bristol at the moment.
    I live here

    Im a bristol boy too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracos
    I live here

    Im a bristol boy too!
    I know!!! Be careful driving round by the car wash at a certain large supermarket in north bristol (not giving name for reasons below)- went for a nice 4 wheel slide there yesterday and all the way dont the hill into the curb between 20-30 mph (can't really be sure as my front wheel speed had nothing in common with my road speed as i was a passenger for about 30 metres during which i was braking, changing gear, spiinign the wheels etc etc) and buckled my front wishbone and snapped the driveshaft joint.

    I don't know how many people have done it now but apparently (according to one of the managers, the tow truck guy and the very cure lady who stopped in her new A4 to tell me she did it a few weeks before) it has been a fair few and if you look on the central revervation between the in-out lanes between the filling station and a fast food restaurant you will see a lot of impact marks and tyre marks on the pavement!!!! Mine are the newest and makes a nice arch on the pavement. Some unlicky sod in a corsa went right over and and got stuck half off the other side (and got towed by the same guy i did from QAS who i highly recommend as he towed my car right up outside my house in Cotham up a very narrow road)

    Got my car stripped down today and need to repair alloy, new wishbone, driveshaft and roll bar link and fix body work. Oh and my neck is a bit sore from the impact and then falling off a very high curb onto a deflated tyre and jammed suspension and then standing out in the cold for over an hour directing useless drivers - several of which nearly hit me and my car despite a row of cones. Oh and some store managers came out for a look and did nothing! (although one did admit the road was sippery and dangerous and it was the stores responsibility infront of witnesses so yeas i am going to call RAC legal services - why i am withholding the name in this post)

    Mutilator sorry for hijacking your post a little - where are those pics??? come on.....

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    okok soon ill get some. gonna nip to bmw to get the piece of cable taht i think will extend it. this week tho

    sorry to hear about your car tho man :S sucks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mutilator
    how can you shift with your right hand anyways?
    How can you shift with your left hand?

    -03 Mini Cooper S

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