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Thread: Finishing new dash parts

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    Finishing new dash parts

    I'm building a frame to hold a Xenarc away from my dash on a pivot assembly. To do this, I'll be removing the existing fit-kit HU frame and constructing one out of aluminum. To cover the thing, I was thinking of bondo and paint, or this stuff:
    I've used it on tools quite a while ago and it sucked (pliers handles). But, it might provide a very cushy dash covering. I got some at the local hardware store for $5 tonight. Any thoughts?
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    That's crazy talk!

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    not sure yet.
    ive used it but i wouldnt put it on my dash. They also make a spray i think.
    How much of the dash are you going to cover?

    Edit:Maybe there is not a spray but i thought id seen it when i picked mine up.
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    Yep, they make a spray. Why not on your dash?
    Stock stereo is Din + 1/2. I'm moving the stereo to the top of that space, so 1/2 din exposed. LCD will mount 1" out (toward rear of car) from that. My main concern is that the 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum brackets (1" long sticking out of dash) will be black. I'm also making a frame for the Xenarc, because it has a camera mount on the bottom.
    I just want it black. Everything black.
    Believe it or not, I've found that Rust-oleum is ****-poor for painting computer cases - it flakes off after a year or two. As long as this rubber stuff is wrapped around small objects, I think it will stick...

    Anyway, I bought it, so I might as well give it a go. I'll post images after I get a credit-card sized 5mp digital camera... Just wondering if anyone has acutally used the rubber stuff for anything other than tools.

    Come to think of it, the can says that you can toss sand or cillica into it to create texture. That might make it more palletable for dashboards.
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    That coating may be too thick. I'd get the aluminum parts powdercoated.

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