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Thread: In dash or Not in dash that is the question

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    Quote Originally Posted by belezeebub
    I can fab up some mounts and add to all the wires to move the Heater/AC/ Vent controls but its going to take a lot of work.

    If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

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    I did my own enclosure and opt for next-to-the-dash LCD .

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    i did the protruding from the dash mount idea...

    i had no idea the 8" could be put in-dash.
    rebuilding carpc... kinda..

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    Quote Originally Posted by belezeebub
    Are you poking fun at my little Jeep ?
    Not at all!

    I look at your dash as being extremely challenging for mounting an 8" monitor. That's a mighty tall order!!! When there are an abundance of double-din dashes out there, yours isn't what one would consider ideal for an 8" monitor. And that's why I said THAT dash. I have four cars and wouldn't even attempt a carputer install in two of them - EVER! For the very same reason - insufficient facia real estate. And if it came down to having to choose between getting a different car or performing the daunting task of relocating HVAC controls, I'd sell my TT Roadster and buy an S4 in an instant!!! Because the TT has one of THOSE dashes. In fact, it's worse than your Jeep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fantomas
    i did the protruding from the dash mount idea...

    i had no idea the 8" could be put in-dash.
    This is more like an on dash install, but you get the idea. It's a dodge neon by the way.

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    if you spend big bucks on a new car, you don't want to save a few hundred dollars & wind up with getto results. I personally hate those protruding pop up & out screens with a passion, first of all besides the fact that it looks "less than factory" it also inevitably covers up some other portion of the dash & limits the fuctionality in most cases. I've seen guys with big dollar multimedia installs that have an lcd screen blocking there a/c vents or there climate control or some other vital function. you will never see a factory install in this fashion & theres a reason why, it is less than acceptable.

    I actually cut apart an alpine flip out touchscreen head unit just to flush mount it to look factory. If you don't want your install to look tacky then try to recreate an install that the factory would have done, either a "pop up" out of the top, which in your case would be a HUGE undertaking with major dash mods, or go flush mount in my opinion, anything less is a compromise in asthetics that I wouldn't want to live with, in a new vehicle especially. your car cost you around 20 grand, why go cheap for a few hundred more & sacrifice that oem fit & feel?

    "make it look like it belongs there if you want it to look like it belongs there"

    consider your options, look into smaller screens & spend the extra $ to do it right, because it will just cost more in the long run to re-do it, you also might want to consider building the screen in overhead above the rear view mirror in a custom console, which I have done a few times with excellent results, & a side benefit is you will not have anywhere near the amount of washout by the sun in the daytime, & it's still a comfortable reach for the touchscreen. check out my install to see an overhead mount & the flush mounted alpine...

    again, this is just my opinion & not necissarily all depends on what your willing to accept, but I think deep down you know what will look "right" & what will be annoying to you, & that's really all that matters...good luck...

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