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Thread: How to: Duplicating a radio bezel.

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    wow, that looks really nice! can't wait to see the whole part out of the mold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imprezive one
    wow, that looks really nice! can't wait to see the whole part out of the mold.
    Well, I was going to stop here, seeing as I've duplicated the bezel...

    But I suppose I can go on, and modify the duplicate, and modify the mold too..

    The first thing I need to do, after I finish trimming the piece, is to cut it in three places so I can start extending the bezel.

    The upper left and right pieces will then be placed apart, sized to fit the dash, and will be joined together with a section of brass/copper/aluminum square stock or U-channel.

    The space in between will be built up with pieces of cured resin, and the cracks filled in with modeling-grade epoxy putty.

    And then I'll do the same to join the new top piece to the original bottom piece.

    The front of the bezel is actually curved at the top, so it'll take some shaping by hand to get it to look right..

    Cuts shown here in red lines:
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    one word.

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    Yeah, it's coming along nicely..

    So far I've cut out the holes and trimmed the edges, and cut the part in half horizontally in preperation for extending it.

    I originally thought I would have to cut it in half horizontally, and then split the upper half, but it looks like I won't have to do that - the top piece is almost the right width, and all I'd need is to fill in some around the sides, and in the gap between the upper and lower halves.

    Although I did run into one problem - the thickness of the part was about twice as thick as the original, so I must have gotten something wrong with the original 2-part mold.

    I've been taking a dremel to the back to clear out some of the excess to get it to fit correctly against the A/C dials, and it makes a bit of a mess..

    I've got some 3mm plastic rod that I can use to connect the top and bottom halves, and then I'll fill in the gap with some epoxy putty.

    Also, I don't think I got the curve of the front to exactly match the original, so I may have to heat it up in some hot water and re-adjust it.

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    pictures of this latest step please?
    (Hanging out in eager anticipation :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzKAOSnz
    pictures of this latest step please?
    (Hanging out in eager anticipation :P)
    Just as soon as I get home, in about an hour or two.. ;-)

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    Here we go..

    I took the duplicate bezel that I had cut in half, taped the two halves to the foamboard LCD mockup, and stuck it in the dash.

    And it fits!

    Mostly - I still have to do some reshaping of the upper part, but not as much as I originally thought.

    The top piece doesn't clear the upper viewable area of the LCD, so I may need to shave some off the top of the bezel, not a big deal.

    This test fit also confirms that I'll have enough depth behind the bezel for the LCD.

    It'll also sit at the same angle that the original radio was at, so I won't have to change the angle of the opening.

    I think I also figured out why the duplicate was thicker - I believe that when I set the thicker part of the mold down (which cast the front), I accidentally compressed the mold a bit from the sides, causing the front to bow out and make the piece thicker.
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    I fixed the warpage problems - one of the nice things about resin is that it's a thermoplastic - it gets soft when heated, and hard when cold.

    I boiled up some water, put it in a suitable pot, and dunked the resin parts in it for a minute or two.

    With the hot water, the plastic became soft and pliable, so I gently bent it back into the shape I needed, and ran it under cold water to set it in place.

    It worked like a charm, as now the lower piece fits perfectly.. I may still have to do some dremeling to get it thinner, though.

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    Very Nice work

    I'm sure if you made a few more bezels people would buy them

    Nice work can't wait to see it finished
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