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Thread: Any Vinyl experts here? Need your Help

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    Any Vinyl experts here? Need your Help

    Im always thinkin of (outside the box) ideas and always run into the same question i ask myself "I wonder if those/that exist?". So I was wondering if there is such a type of vinyl that mimics a car's paintjob. for example if i have a black car and i want a dark red hood or something. but instead of doing something like painting it red i could apply a large professional-paintjoblike red vinyl on the whole hood. I thought this would be cool especially if you want to be pretty for a carshow but dont want it permanent.

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    I doubt any vinyl will look like a showroom paintjob
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    It would be really hard to actually make something like this work out. When you're talking the whole hood of the car, that means a big piece of vinyl. The cutting of it would be pretty hard without the use of a large plotter to get the right shape. Then you have the possibility of air bubbles, of course, someone who knows what they are doing might make it work pretty nicely, but I wonder what the cost of that would be. The risk of a scratch, not saying that a scratch won't happen on regular paint, but if a deep enough one happens on vinyl, then it snags. Time and weather can only make that snag worse, much worse than a scrath on paint would look.

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    First off, it is possible

    Second off, it's been done

    Third, there are multiple companies out there that do this

    you know the cars that have the absolutely CRAZY paint jobs, I'm talking about FINITE details....those are all done with Vinyl. They are pieces of vinyl that are cut EXACTLY to spec to cover each and every body panel precisely....

    I'll look around and see if I can find the companies that I am thinking of.....
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    I think what your referring to is a "wrap"... The graphics are printed on the vinyl
    and are basically massaged onto the vehicle with heat and such. Like you see on a bus
    or any type of whole vehicle advertising.
    Here is one such example...

    I have a nice small vinyl cutter... a little side business for fun... the kinda that do those jobs are very very expensive...

    On a side note.. I've been thinking about asking ZipLock if I could sell some stickers...
    (Don't wanna ruffle any feathers... )
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    yea, similar to the wraps but just plain factory style paints is what im looking for. im not worried bout application of the vinyl cuz i tint windows and tint film is alot more stubborn than vinyl. I just started toying around with vinyl, and man its a big relief compared to tint film. I also have a 40" plotter which i use to cut designs on tint like logos for the backglass (mirror/graphite combo for logo and smoke for background). I'm always tinkering with it.

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    Just Google up "Car Wraps". Here's a company that does a bunch of them (they were one of the first search results, I know nothing about them):
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