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Thread: 1994 ford explorer bondo dash with lilliput :-D 1st project what u think

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    lol yeh curiosity thas a good thought it hasnt done it yet lets hope it doesnt lol thanks for the tips guys and i will definately go back and fill in the dips i added my cd player at the bottom in the ash tray area and i still need to sand and paint it lots more stuff to do just need to find the time :-D

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    one question I haven't seen asked is....what grit sand paper were you using?

    To start off with you need to use a grittier sand paper, then move on to lighter sand paper, it will make the sanding process go a bit smoother.

    Also, a little tip/trick....once you have the bondo in place and it's starting to kick, start sanding lightly before it's funny kicked....this is an old body shop trick. They tend to use something they refer to as a cheese grater, you can get away with just using some 100 grit sand paper...

    it looks like you need to work smarter, rather than harder


    keep it up!
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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