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Thread: Pics of OEM LCD installs here:

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    Tesla Roadster S with the bigass 17" LCD:

    Name:  Tesla_model_S_17in_tablet_display.jpg
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    Name:  tesla_model_s_screen.jpg
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    I think this is an earlier prototype version of the Tesla dash. I actually like this one better, it looks more "integrated" and more "OEM". Like it is supposed to be there. The production version looks like someone just ripped out the OEM radio and HVAC controls and put in a computer monitor.

    Name:  tesla_model_x_dashboard_1-580x326.jpg
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    This is the Tesla X SUV dash. It also looks like a tablet was put in. Has kind of a "DIY look", similar to the model S. I wish they had gone with the way the prototype was.

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    After market SC 300/400 Climate controller

    Only a few in the field but a promising alternative to the OEM controller. The mfg plans to add other modules to display other data. From Popformance, the LXCC. First picture is the OEM controller (on top of a Pioneer dd) and the second is the new touch screen display/controller.
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