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Thread: Making Projector Headlights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nFiniteTuning
    Dual Beam HID H4 Conversion Kit = 509.99 Shipped.
    that is alot of $$$...u can save see the link I posted above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oekundar
    that is alot of $$$...u can save see the link I posted above.
    I could kiss you! Dude thanks alot! Holy crap thanks alot! oekundar
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    I dont see anything about bixenon there tho. I wonder if Lexus ES300 Projectors will work right...cause I can get 2 headlights for like 25 bucks...Which that would mean 4 projectors....They look the same as other projectors, except they dont have HID's stock.

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    Buy the Hella projectors. These are the only real universal true projectors available, and are used in Lemans road racing cars etc. They're available in 90 or 120 mm, lo and hi, HID or not, etc. Non-HID ones are about $120 each.

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    Here's what I did. I hate retrofitting HID bulbs into secondary optics that are made for halogens because the beam pattern gets messed up. I took out the existing halogen reflector cups from my headlights, I went onto, purchased a Hella Bi-Xenon projector kit for ~$450, and fabricated mounts onto my existing halogen reflector cup mounts. They are fully aimable and are the same oem beam patterns of some Audi cars. I have no need for fog lights anymore since the beam patterns are amazing and the high beams blow halogens away. I'm never going back to halogen headlights again. Quite a challenging project but I love it.

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    Projector driving lights and projector fog lights do NOT have the same pattern. The light is focused differently. Not all projectors are made the same either. I don't know who told you that.

    If you want to retain both high and low beam and get the best quality beam you can, I would suggest getting a pair of the hella bi-xenon projectors like this.
    They run $240 for the set.
    You might want to look around this store as well:

    Make sure and check your dimensions as projector assemblies come in a variety of sizes and shapes and you want to make sure they will fit in your housing.

    The above is going to take a D2S HID bulb, which is great if you want to spend another $300 for top notch Philips bulbs and german made Hella ballasts. The above store has a package deal as well for $450 like Stratusbart mentioned.
    If you don't want to spend that much, get the housings and modify some H9 Silverstar bulbs to fit. This will be bright and give you an HID look.

    I've got a set of Hella made E46 BMW projectors with modded H9 Silverstars and they are great for $20 per bulb. They only need to be trimmed in diameter a very small amount and some small notches cut for the bulb to fit in the housing.

    Hella does make a universal bi-xenon kit, but it is rediculously expensive. Avoid that.

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