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Thread: How to cut need holes in metal?

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    A nibbler is a good tool for case material. Dremel is fine too.
    Most electricians 'round here call the punches Greenlee after the mfg.
    Most industrial/commercial electricians would have them to punch conduit holes in service panels. ( you don't always have the right sized knockout in the right spot)
    Some posts seem to be referring to router bits with bearing guides- exercise caution
    as a router bit for ferrous metal is rare.

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    The air-powered nibbler is available from Harbor Freight ( for $30 to $50. It uses a 3/16" nibbling bit, and you'll need a 9/16" hole to start. Just nibble close to the line you want, and Dremel or file the last little bit away.

    You'll need hearing protection -- the nibbler is loud.
    If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

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