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Thread: Ford Focus In-Dash Lilliput

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Winx
    looks awesome mate, really looking foreward to the meet! Although might have had a change of car by then so won't have to compete with a focus install!!
    Changing car... What to?
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    Well there are a few options. I am currently building a land rover hybrid and there is a posibility that it could replace my everyday car and I can spend more money on it!

    The other option is the bmw I am in at the moment, it is an 5 series but is really rare in the fact that it is a 4x4 saloon and I am really enjoying it, a lot more laid back than the focus and more comfortable, more space etc...

    The focus is having a new clutch at the moment and repair bills seem to be mounting so it might be time for a change... And I am bored, I have done everything I want to! We shall see...

    Anyway back to your car, loving the install, you seem to be taking a good long time over it, love the idea of the harness, building one for the offroader at the moment and it is great to be able to add everything in at this stage rather than have to rip it apart and start again 2 months down the line when a new bit of kit turns up!!

    Keep up the good work!
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