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Thread: Custom Fabrication Work?

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    My friend has a Ford Ranger with almost identical dash. We were able to put a head unit where the ash tray was in his. For your situation, I'd move the HVAC controls to where the ash tray was, then put a lcd where the current head unit and hvac controls are. Will require some modification.

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    Yep, the rangers have a very very close body build to the broncoII's, I wouldnt mind sending the dash out to get worked on, but its one of those things where they would need to have the car there in order to complete the job, and well that can't happen. Well, it would, but location is everything, I'm in ct, I looked around and couldnt find any fab places in the area, and I'm not sure if I'de trust anyone anyways, I've seen some hooky things happen at places like that.


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