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Thread: Screen position opinion wanted

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    Your right. So I guess my real question is, if I rotate the top back about 10 degrees and rotate it about the y-axis so that driver and passanger have the same view, will it look stupid?
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    IMO i think you should keep it rotated so the screen is level, and recess the top in a touch, it would not look bad at all BUT, thats just how i feel, its your truck, your dash your screen, so do as you wish
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    off topic but is that a US Speedo gauge face set you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grepzen

    Driver == king (queen) the display should be optimaly faced for their best viewing. The passenger(s) can lean and view w/o jepardizing life/limb. --- or get their own displays.
    get their own displays? what would they just bring there own and just plug it in?

    i say keep it straight like in how the radio and stuff was

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