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Thread: this isnt as easy as 1 2 3

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    Thumbs down this isnt as easy as 1 2 3

    Hey guys ive searched and stalked these threads for ages.. (unfortunately most of those resource sites are down or more confusing)
    But i havent found anything that mentions the basics...

    Now take pity on this clueless student in sydney.. have i got this right?

    You have fiberglass stuff which involves resin
    Where u build a frame, stretch certain suggested material across, then douse it with resin (in stages) until the shape is built up and strengthened.
    So if you need to build a shape from scratch, fg is the way to go.
    What is epoxy by the way...

    Now bondo... is this just a brand of.. something?

    Coz i went to the hardware store and mentioned bondo i received a funny look in return. (so it may not be readily available here in aus).. What is this stuff? similar to fiberglass resin?
    It seems that if you have a shape and just want to build it up a bit and smooth it out, then this is the way to go.
    I wanna try and have a go at making an indash housing for the bimmer toooo.

    Both Fiberglassing or bondo-ing requires alot of sanding and reapplication. Then you use a primer to get it all smooth and paint.

    So this is my understanding... Id appreciate someone filling in the gaps for me.. thanks guys!

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    Bondo is a name brand for plastic body filler. You shoulc be able to get something simular at a auto parts store or auto paint supply store.

    You might want to go and look at these demo cars. They have an install and finish photo album.

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    sweet thanks!

    now i know wat to ask for when i go into a store

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    did you see the fiberglass how to at the beginning of the fabrication forum?

    I'm assuming so....

    one point....when you think you have sanded enough, sand a bit

    and do it with a block so you don't create a wavey surface

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    G-Han, you need to come to the Sydney meet this Sunday. Sydney Meet I'm sure that you could learn a lot more from talking to the guys face to face.
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