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Thread: Will this work on plastic?

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    Will this work on plastic?

    Hi, I need a substance simliar to 's "liquid plastic" for my a-pillar tweeter mount project. i want to join the tweeter cup and a-pillar and sand it down, texture spray it, and repaint it. I'm wondering if this stuff called "PC-7 Heavy Duty" will work. I need it to be somewhat flexiable but not THAT flexiable. I've got some pictures of the instructions and all of that stuff but they are 2mb a peice so beware. also, does anyone know any midwestern (Michigan) stores that carry SEM texture spray? I think Nappa will order it for me but I'm not sure. I really don't want to order it online. Thanks a lot.

    - Scott

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    Epoxy will stick fine to ABS but if its PP you need a polyolefin adhesion promoter (3M). You can get that and SEM products from body shop supply stores.

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    cool, thanks.

    - Scott

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    the first time i tried to fab i went to home depot and asked the guy for liquid plastic he looks at me like WTF haha so i stuck with bondo :-D

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