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Thread: Solvent adhesives... why don't more people use them?

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    ABS and PE are two very different plastics also - ABS a lot like PVC with regard to solvents. I keep my dissolved ABS in a PE container. I don't know about your dash, but I'm pretty close to 100% sure my F-150 has an ABS dash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pestilence
    ABS and PE are two very different plastics also
    Very differnet but both are thermoplastics. I read on a site that they were the same but thought it was odd that they said that. Thanks for the correction. The dashes are abs, but what about the cases? I'm not so sure about those. It's not the easiest material to vacuum form. But now that I think about it they probably injection molded them so its possible that they are abs too.
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    Acetone can be used to glue ABS parts that fit tight. Use a toothpick and pour a small drop of acetone. It is more soldering than gluing

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    I thought I'd try something new... so I thinned my ABS glue down a bit, squirted it on... and then I used a rubber spatula to spread it around a bit... at this point, including chopping up ABS material to mix my sludge, mixing it and waiting for to dissolve, prepping the parts to glue together, making my first application, sanding, making my second application... my total time spent working in this, I bet I don't have more than an hour or so... more time thinking about it than anything... I think as thin as I applied this layer, I can probably do some sanding tomorrow and be nearly done... I might make one more small, thin application, sand, prime and paint... honestly, this has been easier than any other work I've done... and I've been installing car-audio since '90... here are a couple pictures...


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    Any ideas on making large dash panels using this meathod or would it only be useful for peices that fit closely already.

    I am looking to make a large panel to mount the LCD flush into the top of my dash, but I don't like the idea of the fiberglass potentially cracking.
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    well, if your talking about making a pod that sits or mounts on top of your dash, not really moulded into your dash, fiberglass is probably the way to go... you won't have to worry about cracking unless your trying to make it one piece with your dash. Also, it would be a great deal of work to make a large panel from nothing with ABS.

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    Here's a related post on my progress with Oatey's ABS Cement on my F-150 dash bezel. So far it's working VERY well.

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    Ahhh yeh Liquid Plastic, I've seen the stuf around for awhile, Tim Baille an IASCA world champion could be the spokesperson for it. His shop molds most dash accessories almost exclusivly with it. So much that recently they started to sell thier own brand.

    He says the stuff is so much easier to work with tan bondo and doesnt crack like bondo would over time. heres some pics of the fabrication work they've done

    Up until now I never knew what it was made of, i planned on using it to install my lcd.
    Thanks for the info there coachreed
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    That Oatey stuff seems like its working out real well... that's cool for $6

    I read in that other thread it took 6 hours for the chips to melt down? wow.. I would
    never think that with all those other potent chemicals in there.. hmm... were your chips
    too big maybe?

    I have to say this is one of the most interesting threads on these forums in quite some time!
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    well they started melting right away, but i found it was much thicker after several hours (sealed). I also had problems with melted, but still firm, chips getting stuck in the spout at first too.

    I bought my chips from a plastics supply place - they are sold as 'abs re-grind'. apparently they are scraps of abs that were trimmed off of manufactured parts, re-ground, and sold back to the supplier.

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