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Thread: Need Help with dash

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    Need Help with dash

    I have been a long time lurker of the forums and am finally getting around to buying stuff for the install...
    Ive been back and forth with either flush mounting a screen or one of the motorized or non motorized housing that fins in a din. (I have a Japanese double din car).
    Im just wondering since so many people have mounted their screens flush, using fiberglass, bondo, and other such stuff, if there is someone who makes these now for the xenarcs, as they dont fit with their casing and the casing needs to come off.
    I have absolutely no expereince with these materials and am afraid i would take too much time and ruin it anyway. So I am wondering if someone is willing to make one and sell it to me or something.
    I know its not the best thing in the world to ask for, but im fishing...
    Thanks for the help

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    Talk with the "fabrication guru" ALTIMAT he help a lot people (me) and did some custom dash for others..

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    how much would you be willing to pay?
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    I guess as far as paying, I would say, whatever is fair, and THanks for the info. I will try to PM Altimat.

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    PM me if you are willing to do a custom Xterra dash flush mount.
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