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Thread: 2002 Porsche Boxster S w/Tview

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoodo
    The piece is part of the unit. Oh well. I will try and clean it up a little more. Like I said first attempt

    part of a unit?

    not sure I follow here?

    the screen is part of a unit? the side pannels are part of a unit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbuchman
    I like that H/K reciever

    Does it have many features? (like 3 sets of RCA outs, and an aux in)

    It is an HK traffic pro. I believe it has 3 sets of RCA outs, but I don't really know because it is plug and play as a replacement for the factory radio. I never used the plugs it came with. It does have the Aux in though.

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    another possibility (for the side gaps at least....)
    when you dismantle the dash, which bit comes off first? the buttons along side, or the lcd bit?
    coz you could build up the front piece to follow the contour of the side, but not be actually connected....
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