Ok my exhaust is done and my supercharger is going on yada yada...

I am looking to mold this screen into the dash area. Looks like it wont be hard. As for the HVAC here are my plans:

1) Set the sliders to far right (ALL ON) and delete sliders -- No adjustability of air vent distribution but i don't curre.

2) Remove passenger side temperature dial and place the drivers side (master) dial behind it, deleting the location of drivers side dial -- One dial -- Drivers dial over rides the passenger one anyway on max cold or max hot setting anyway

3) Keep blower fan control where it is.

4) Retrofit the Defrost, AC, and Recirculation buttons up to that blank filler you see just north of my wiper stalk and left of my fog light switch.

My question for you guys is... what should I do? It fits perfectly in the 1 DIN area horizontally. I will cut the other parts out no prob... but i've never fiberglassed anything. I have bondo'd stuff though. Should I use bondo to do this? Or some sort of plastic filler? I want it to be right where the frame is. I want the lilliput buttons shaved (no buttons visible) and I want it the bottom to kick out maybe 2 degrees so its tilted up toward driver.

Input please guys! If anyone is in the Philadelphia PA area and wants to help with it, I'd greatly appreciate!