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Thread: First carputer

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    First carputer

    Hiya, I was just sitting around the other day bored as hell and I decided that I wanted to build a carputer after discovering the insane prices for a touchscreen media player from kenwood and the like..

    Originally I was going to take the PC/104+ approach but I think now, mainly because I'm too lazy to find the parts for such a system I'm going to take a VIA Mini_ITX road long as it's x86 I don't really care.

    I am wondering though, why is it that a lot of you are running Windows? I am a Windows programmer but I definitely won't even consider putting it in my car well not unless I can get it booting in 10 seconds or less to XP (Although with Longhorn coming out I'd like to move to that purely for Avalon)...A recompiled Linux distro with just the basics can boot in a flash to a custom car management app (which is where I plan to go with this).

    I'm hoping to migrate climate control, neon lighting, review camera and sensor as well as media into my custom system..and perhaps down the road maybe hook up the ECU. The electronics and programming isn't a problem, I suspect fabricating parts to make it look factory will be the hardest part for me as I have absolutely no clue at all.

    I see lots of talk about different touchscreen panels and LCDs, however I don't see too many of them. Lilliput seems to be pretty popular, and well the cheapest as well for a 7" LCD touchscreen from what I've seen. I'm probably looking more towards an 8" screen though, seeing as I'm not going to have my climate controls in my dash when I'm through...So has anyone got any suggestions? Google shows up a lot of product pages but it's hard to find pricing and places that actually retail such items, especially in Australia.

    Anyways, fabrication... Any good resources for it?

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    Most people run windows because thats all they know. I started branching out a couple years ago and now run Linux on all my systems, windows is fine for a noob but to do any real work Linux is where it is.

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    In Australia, for Lilliput screens, I use the 8" and am very happy with it, I used Extreme Audio Electronics, they delivered the part direct from Hong Kong in less than 3 days to a remote part of Aus.
    Lilliput 8" Touchscreen LCD
    VIA EPIA MII-12000
    60GB 3.5" Hard Drive 5400
    512MB DDR PC2700
    DVD Drive
    802.11G Internal Wireless Card - External 5db Antenna
    100m USB Bluetooth Adapter
    Nokia N70 Phone
    GPS USB Receiver
    Centrafuse 1.6

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    Teknoledgi, are you working at the mine? I actually lived in gove for the better part of 5 years while my parents were working there.

    How is the place these days?

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    I had seen the Extreme Audio Electronics auctions, but the shipping from Hong Kong made me think twice. But if you've had success with them then I am turned around on that opinion. 8" for under $400 will still keep me under $1000AUD for the system, not including any extras I add in after like servos and the like. This is going to be fun.

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