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Thread: Custom Bondo/Fabricate 03 corolla

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    Custom Bondo/Fabricate 03 corolla

    I have 03 corolla S and I have my 7" tv where the stock radio unit is, i need some help and guidance to fabricate, how do i do it and so forth, thnx
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    You got a pretty good spot for the screen there. but the screen is a little too big. If you cut the buttons off I thing you would be able to fit the screen in there perfectly. You could also move the IR receiver and mold that into the dash and use you remote if you ever need to change the settings of the screen.
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    IR receiver would be cool in the vents if you never close then

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    THANK YOU 0l33l!!! You just saved me from putting two holes in my dash for IR receivers. That is a really good idea for the air vents.

    Now djkl407 it looks like you have a double din opening there, so the lilliput will fit there, but without the buttons. If you don't mind not having buttons, it wouldn't be too hard(depending on your skills, of course) to bondo the screen into your bezel. I have my buttons covered and just moved the ir sensor to the vent(thx to 0l33l) so I could use the remote. The most important button you would need is power, which is on the remote, but the auto turn-on mod is a good idea.

    I, personally, have never worked with bondo, so I am going to take my first venture into it soon to mold my screen into the bezel.
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