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Thread: Screen Bezel tips for corners of the screen

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    Screen Bezel tips for corners of the screen

    I have been working on Recessing the new lilliput 2005 into my FTO's Dash.
    I started off cutting enough room for it, and then epoxing it all together, and then finially used seely's plastic bondo to fill in the gaps.
    I have done soo many sands and re bondo and i have gotten to this point.

    I dont think it looks too bad, however around the corners of the screeen they are starting to look pretty crappy and un even.
    The thing is the more i sand the worste they seem to look, does anyone have tips on getting all the corners of the screen looking even. or would it be eaiser to get them close enough, prime them and sand and re prime ?

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    I wrap sandpaper around a bic pen and go to town.

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    I plan to use a small triangular file to get into the corners and square them out a bit and restore the little detail shape of the corner... not too square but make them more like the stock bezel of the Zenarc... Just my 2.
    Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

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    I just did the same thing. I was taking too much off trying to get it perfect. Then it dawned on me to use these report cover bindings

    I'm just cutting them to size, then when I'm ready for placement, I'll snap these on the sides of the screen frame, adjust them and glue them in place. Then I'll just use some filler to get it to look smooth.

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    just use a block of wood with some sand paper wraped around it works like a charm

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