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Thread: Any Gauge Face Creation Ideas?

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    damn im bookmarking that tarus page
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    Quote Originally Posted by nzKAOSnz
    damn im bookmarking that tarus page
    Glad you like it. If you have any questions, go up in the forum and talk to Tara (aka detroit_raver). She's the one who did the write up.

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    Hmmm. How about this:

    Print your graphic on the transparency using white letters. Normaly white is your background(paper) color so it wont actually print anything where there is text. Try messing with it(different color papers). Next put some whitish opaque material behing the printed out gauges and see what it looks like.

    Just my littl ole $.02.

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    Why not try printing in a colour to match your car ie if its blue use a very light shade of blue. Or try printing it as a negative, then spray it with white car paint and see if you can wash the inkjet layer off leaving the white behind. Probly won't work but worth a try.

    May work if you can find a plastic that the ink will not stick to very well.
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    Here's a set I made using an inkjet printer on Foliatec backlit film, turned out a little too transparant for my liking, but overall not too bad, gotten used to em now

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