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Thread: I hate Bondo

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    I hate Bondo

    Ok so i started bondoing my fiberglass sub enclosure so i can paint.... well i musta been real tired or too anzious to get started, because almost 50% of my first layer of bondo didnt mix with hardener or something, so i have a somewhat wet baselayer in some parts and it messing the whole bondo job up...

    ive tried smearing some hardener into some of the set spots, but that didnt help because i found they were larger wet spots than i though, some right now im in the process of scraping out any wet spot i can find, then filling it with some fiverglass resin, then ill bondo over top of that...

    anyone think using the resin will actually work? or anydifferent ideas of fixing this?
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    haha ...sorry that sucks - but I've been there with fiberglass and it blows. As for bondo get the true bondo spreaders and match the mix to the color of the spreader - works like a champ.

    You can try using MEKP hardener that's used for resins. It can't really mix with bondo which is why it's not used, but the principle is still the same - it'll create heat to harden the bondo spread.

    You might just want to scrape off all the unmixed portion and reapply a good layer. That's what I would do - otherwise who knows how well this ghetto mix will cure.

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