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Thread: Help me out

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    Help me out

    Okai this is what ive done so far, pulled out the centre console, hacked up the double din slot so the lcd fits, and ive taped it in place. The tape holds it enough for it to be mounted back and even used, but im not trusted tape.
    Heres some pics

    Whats a good way to attach the lcd to the frame? because theres nothing i can really screw into in the lcd is there.

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    On average we take the monitor apart and bond the monitor right to the factory piece and then refinish it to look factory or custom. It takes a little bit of work but is not bad. Scan through some threads on here and you will find a ton of information on how to do it.

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    I second the first motion.

    Check out the "Fabrication thread"
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    Bond the monitor/LCD's bezel not the screen.


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