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Thread: padded dash material

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    padded dash material

    Hi all I have a few questions.

    First of all I searched for these answers but could not find any.

    Is padded dashes in most cars regular vinyl with semi hard foam underneath?
    because it feels like it is a sheet of vinyl over the foam? but I never seen a sheet of vinyl before.

    where is the best place to get this vinyl material,semi hard foam and what type of glue?

    I have a 2000 dodge intrepid with a padded foam dash.

    I want to make a small padded "hood" about 8"x11" with a small curve (to match the other part of the dash) out of the same type of material that the dash is.I want to put it over the air-conditioning,radio,monitor section of the dash to stop glare on the monitor.

    Thanks for all your help and ideas


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    Hey Michael,
    Yeah, My dash is the same.
    Im going to guess, for the best color & texture match... look in the "parts" section of ebay motors. Find a part of your car that has the padded vinyl, and buy that. Remove the padded vinyl from that part, and put it on your project.
    For example, the entire upper and lower dash of the Mitsubishi 3000GT, and the doors is padded vinal. If I wanted to do what you were doing, I would get a door panel, strip the vinal off that, and put it on the "hood" I was making.
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    The dash is made up of a foam...sort of like closed cell foam. Then vinyl over top. You can get materials from the links below that will allow you to make something that looks the same. You will need some kind of foam depending on how cushy you want it. There a few options available. Then you will need a vinyl to cover it in and some kind of spray adhesive. Locally 3M super 33 works very can get it Home Depot. One of these online suppliers might have something also. You should also staple the vinyl on the backside.

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