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Thread: bondo shrinking?

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    once again mista mike tha mastermind comes to the rescue :-D

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    thanks good advice. This is my first project, but it's turning out really well. I will post pictures when I can. I don't have any before, but if you know what a acura vigor gs interior looks like then you know what I am dealing with.

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    Bondo is not designed to applied thick or as an adhesive. Bondo is a surfacing agent...meaning it is meant to get a smooth surface with minimal effort. Bondo that is too thick can and will often shrink and crack. Bondo that is mixed too hot will shrink and crack. When building a project..any kind of project...the base material should be built up as much as possible so that only a think layer of body filler is needed to bring it to a finished surface. Also do not use any kind of liquid on body filler. The filler will absorb the liquid and then release it later as it gets hot and evaporates. Only clean bondo with a tac cloth..once it is primed and sealed a degreaser or prepsol can be used.

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