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Thread: Clear coat.

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    Clear coat.

    I just finished painting my dash. looks nice

    wish I had a digital camera to post pics. Soon though!

    I used SEM texture paint and then covered it up with U-POL satin black spray paint to get a semi-gloss finish.

    Question: should I cover this up with a clearcoat? what exactly is the purpose of a clear coat. I feel it is used to protect whatever work lies in the layers underneath ? would it change the gloss/texture/look of my work ?

    If i do decide to clearcoat this, what brand/kind of a clear coat should i get ?

    I have searched the Fab. forum, but couldnt find answers to most of my question. Maybe I just suck at

    thanks guys.

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    anyone ?

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    Not a expert in paint, but if it is an interior dash piece and you are useing textured paint, i would not clearcoat it.
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    I can't recomend a brand but it will change the look. Depending on the amount of gloss you want depends on the the kind you get. When painting my dash i was trying to match the existing paint and sheen exactly. For me what worked is a flat clearcoat. It gives everything a flat sheen. You can even flatten glossy paints with it.
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    No. If you have the sheen you want leave it alone. Clearcoat is overrated. Its just another layer of paint unless you have a true base/clear system where it is required.

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