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Thread: What material is this?

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    Sir Lancerlot is in no way gay or in the same time-zone as gay LOL. Just a pic of a shoe I found on a site for example puposes only. Now...where the heck would I find a block of High density Neoprene? I don't think Walmart carries something like that

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    I think it might be
    EPDM: (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

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    I don't know about a big block to carve from, but you can get yourself a big bunch of mousepads, and peel the cloth top off (comes off pretty easily), and you've got yourself a nice piece of neoprene. I don't believe it's conductive but it's very thermally insulating. The mousepad-for-neoprene trick is useful for extreme cpu cooling with peltiers. The mousepads can handle up to a 100F delta T between the two sides of the material.


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    WTF would you want to carve a case out of a hunk for plastic or rubber. GO BUY A CASE , will probably be cheaper, look lots better and will function correctly
    You can still have something if you have nothing

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