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Thread: Mounting amp and PC under seats?

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    how's this for an under the seat install?

    had no heat issues (even in houston's summer!) and had it this way over a year before i sold the car and took it all out. for the curious, it was a baby-AT form factor board with a desktop AT psu. video and sound was onboard, so i didn't need any cards.

    i used self-tapping screws to attach it to the plastic heater duct under the seat, and the power supply was screwed directly into the floor with a small L bracket. i DID disconnect the ductwork so that the heater would not blow there in cold weather and cause the computer to get too hot.

    one other thing to consider when drilling holes in your floorboard - look UNDER the car and make sure you won't be drilling into BRAKE or FUEL lines, or other wiring that might be under there. that could be bad news in a big way. those lines aren't cheap to replace, and are obviously pretty important!
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    Ive managed to get a full-size board, even with network PCI card under my seats!
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