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Thread: bondo, fiberglass, epoxy, wont stick to dash.

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    bondo, fiberglass, epoxy, wont stick to dash.

    okay well im doing my entire interior in fiberglass and painting it with 3 base 3 clear pearl. i already did my door panels and the back, i simply sanded it down to get rid of that texture crap and put primer on it, now its smooth... now for the front dash i ripped the vinyl out and the foam came out with it, but nothing is sticking to it.. bondo keeps peeling off, same with fiberglass, epoxy as well. anyone got ideas?

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    use a different epoxy?

    I thought it was a known fact that fiberglass doesn't stick to plastic and i thought bondo, but epoxy should....
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    rougher sandpaper?
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    done that.. it just peels off... i read just now on a tutorial that i should drill holes on the dash and put resin on both sides or just spread fiberglass with hardener over it and make sure the fiberglass touches frmo both sides thru the holes os it holds tight...?

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    yeh drill some holes about 1/4 inch randomly in there and then fiberglass it from both sides put a **** load of resen through it and then bondo will stick to it its worth a shot do it in a small area first tho just to test it

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    Drilling holes will help but the glass will still not bond. Fiberglass will not bond to plastic. You should use an epoxy resin that is made to bond to plastic. There are products designed to promote adhesion on plastic you might want to try that. I am assuming that you throughly cleaned the area with some kind of wax and grease remover? Often a plastic panel has some kind of armor all product embedded in it...this product needs to come out to get adhesion. I put parts that will fit in my dishwasher. If I can not do that I often use Simple Green and a garden hose. Either way the part has to be free of any silicones and simular products.

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