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Thread: Wooden Box Enclosure (w/ Pics).

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    This might be one time when we can go "lol ECS ahahaha" This board is a P4VXAS (, and I believe the CPU voltage is regulated off the 5V supply instead of the 12V supply, so that might be saving you a lot of problems. Actually i'm not even sure if the 12V supply is used on those motherboards...

    Anyhow, if it works, good for you.
    But do consider running a regulator of some sort, it'll make your components last longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pRoFiT
    Oh damn, Dont tell me your running that system right next to your subs! You must have a good hard drive. Most hard drives will go into a protect mode at anything more then 1G of force. Please....what is the make of your hard drive
    Fine, I won't tell ya but, I'm using a Western Digital WD1600 (160 GB), look (all the way in the back) here.

    Quote Originally Posted by pRoFiT
    I have an alt that runs at 14.3volts and my system will shut down at that voltage.
    My stock alternator is old; I've never changed in 7 years/107,000 miles.

    Quote Originally Posted by pRoFiT
    I had to cut it up and wire a 15amp regulator to make it run stable.
    Can you link me to you it please? Also, how much did you pay for it, I'll probably be on a lookout for one just to save the Hard Drive.

    Quote Originally Posted by pRoFiT
    Is that a 1000watt 5.1 suround amp and does your computer output 5.1 to it?
    No, it's actually a 4.1 amp (140W x 4 + 440W x 1), and you won't believe this, but I picked it up at Fry's nearly a year ago brand new for $50.

    So my audio setup is:
    • 2 front - to the amp's front inputs.
    • 2 rear, splitted with 2 RCA Y-adapters - to the amp's rear & sub inputs.

    Quote Originally Posted by pRoFiT
    I ran my system today and everyhing seems stable. Im still in the modding proccess
    Good luck! Post some pics up of how it's like so far.

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    Okay I just made this site so I could put all my pics on it. Nothing fancy.
    some of the pictures are big so it ight be slow. i will have to go back and make them smaller files.
    Um, I guess this is where you put something witty.WITTY

    My Web site, in the design stage.

    Modified RRSkinEditor

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