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Thread: SEM Paint Problem

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    You can not get a high gloss finish wet sanding a single stage paint. If you want a high gloss deep finish then you need to clear coat the part.

    I would follow Altimat directions. A few light dry coats with a one...maybe two wet coats. I would not do several wet coats unless you have to and if you do make sure there is enough dry time between coats for the paint to flash. If you layer up wet coats without enough to dry the solvents can "pop" and mess up the finish.

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    painting hard plastic

    the best method for painting hard plastic for us has been to clean with the Sem scuff & clean, followed by the Sem plastic/leather prep. Then use the two step application of the Sem plastic adhesion promoter prior to coloring. As everyone else has said.....spray especially when using an aerosol when the humidity is low. Do not hold the can too far away and you should achieve good results. If there is a little "blushing" one can use their heat gun carefully to get rid of that.

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