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Thread: 2003 Toyota Matrix install

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    Okay, that's good to hear that you haven't had issues. I thought I'd ask you guys
    since you've been using this setup for a while now.

    PS The safety bar I'm talking about is a metal pipe (about 2" diameter) that runs behind
    the place where the stock radio used to be. You can actually see it in the first picture
    in this thread (page 1). It's the vaguely shiny area towards the bottom of the stock radio
    area, it has some screw holes in it as well.

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    relocate buttons

    your work looks great but it would look better with relocated buttons

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    Looking great!!! I agree on the bringging up the A/C controls, though... I'm trying to do something pretty much alike with my New Beetle, but I'm relocating the A/C controls (still figuring out where).

    Suggestion: Really, how often do you use the A/C controls? usually you set them when you get in the car and move them very little after that; how about getting a keyboard over them? it should solve the overposing problem

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    WOOT WOOT!!! I'm joining in on the Matrix PC's, i've got most of my parts comming in, I'm guessing i'll be done with everything in about 2 weeks (mobo is what I'm waiting on, comes in monday...DON'T ORDER FROM IBOXPC!!! Not only can you not understand them, they jack you on still was cheaper there for me to order the mobo, but not worth the time and hassel)

    My monitors going in just like Matrix_24's and MatrixPC's, i got the 629 lilli so it will look the same as this install. i'm going to put my computer right behind the monitor in a custom made case using the stereo Din kit. The only difference with my install, other than the case in the dash, is that I'm going to be putting my HU into a custom center console under the shifter. I figure I'm not going to be using it all that often, so why not. I'm running into problems with the shifter and the Ebrake not providing enough clearance.

    It will be an adventure


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