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Thread: My Chrysler 300 Install

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    My Chrysler 300 Install

    Hey everyone, a while back I had posted some install pics from my previous car (pt cruiser). Yea they were kinda lame... so I felt the need to redeem myself LOL.... hope you guys like. Chrysler 300 Car-PC Install Pics

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    The mold looks good but I think you'd be happier if you spent a little more time on the finish. Looks good though bud, congrats.
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    I agree with you.. for the most part i'm extremely happy with the way it came out, BUUUUT, I'm thinking about pulling it back off, re-sanding it & putting a base flat black on it.
    I don't want any crazy colors cause i'm afraid anything would clash with the interior. I tried silver / chrome already & YUCK.

    The other thing i want to do is to make another piece for the crystalfontz "remote" that's not installed yet, but i'm still debating where to put it... I'd LOVE to re-vamp the pop-out ashtray for it, but still a little hesitant.

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