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Thread: 300ZX Dash mod question

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    i have a 93 Z. Originally my idea was to mold my lilliput into the dash. I bought a spare center console piece to hack and bondo, but I really suck at that kind of stuff so it turned into a total mess. So instead I bought the motorized housing, but it's possible. I was even planning on making a slot for my DVD player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar
    Yeah, if I had a 350 it'd be easy, but since I have the 300 it makes for a bit more work if I want to get the factory look. But here's my other question. If I do this, how would I go about getting sound out to my speakers. I assume I'd need an amp for my high and mid speakers, and an amp for my subs?
    hmmm well im only 16 and i've never had experience with car audio or car computers, but i have done quite a bit a research about the topic, and since nobody else has answered the question, i'll take a shot.

    if you're using a mac mini, you should go with an external sound card, for example- creative audigy. basically use the outputs on the card to go to the imputs on the amp(s), but there are probably specifics which depend on your card and amps. hope this somewhat heps.

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