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Thread: Need trim made, CA Bay Area, where?

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    Need trim made, CA Bay Area, where?

    I've re-arranged the center of my dashboard and need to fabricate new trim. I certainly can learn to DIY, but at this point I'm tired after spending two months on my install and don't really want to risk it on this car (a 2005 BMW 545i). Anyone have any advice as to what type of shop can do this for me - plastic shop, car audio shop, etc.?

    Also if anyone who lives in the CA Bay Area can do this privately or knows someone who can, contact me.

    Here are some pics of the area that needs to be done:

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    I've got no suggestions, but if you find someone let me know. That the kind of place it's good to about.
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    check out this place in san carlos:

    Talk to Mark about what you need, he is kind of the front end guy. Otherwise talk to Dave, he is the main installer - been doing it for like 30 years maybe more.

    They work on all high end vehicles and I am sure they have run into the same situation you have. I will try and give him a call and ask about it if you want me to. Just let me know exactly what you need. I go to them for all of my audio hardware

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    you might also try sending a PM to vestax, merzbow

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