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Thread: 1996 Altima install

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    1996 Altima install

    These are only finished pictures... took about a week of fabrication..

    My car

    Made a wooden frame which went where the radio used to be, to hold cig lighter and hold screen in place.
    There is a slight angle between the bottom part w/ the cig lighter, and the screen frame

    Put fiberglass over the wood
    then slapped bondo over it and sanded that down to smooth flat.
    Many days of reapplying bondo and resanding.. and spraypainting, resanding..

    Oh btw its a 8" touchscreen from ebay

    Right now im only using windowx XP with winamp open and media library to select through my thousands of mp3s

    Plan to eventualy write my own custom interface, this works for the time being. The annoyance of trying to touch the small text in the right place on the screen will motivate me to get going w/ the code..

    laptop computer under the seat, still a few wires that I need to hide..

    extra mouse just in case.. and usb hub...

    111 wattx x 4 channels for interior speakers.. no subs "yet"
    and pxa-h510 processor. Optical line from the sound card, in 5.1 surround

    First few days I had a problem where the touchscreen would stop responding after a few minutes.. I would have to reach around and replug the usb into the laptop. I updated the drivers, and didn't work. I eventualy solved it by putting a usb hub between the connection, and problem has been solved.. Anyone else deal with this? sounds like a power issue, but Im not sure.

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    Looks good. I had a 95 Alti and never could remember why I didn't like it. After seeing your pics, I remembered. Awesome job on the fabrication, but I hated having the radio down below the environmental controls. Seems to work really well for that massive 8" touchscreen!

    As for the usb problem, how long is the usb cable? Is the usb hub powered or does it get its for the usb itself? Sometimes a hub gives those long cable runs just enough of a boost to eliminate those weird problems.

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    The usb cable going to the touchscreen is only a normal.. 3 feet or so. The usb hub is only powered by the port, and its like 2 feet long itself.

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    Why not just run mediaengine or mediacar? They are both pretty good.

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    Cool, another 1rst gen Altima owner. Hows the viewing angle on your install. I went a slightly different route and installed an in-dash touchscreen (aftermarket look). I keep the screen tilted back so that I can get a good viewing angle or else the colors start to get that LCD "bad angle" washed out look. Cool install though.
    Osiris Networx

    --Tuning is all about price vs performance. You've got to find your own medium.--

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    i like it. Im a second generation altima, and am uing a similar set up. Is that little guy under the screen a head unit?

    The thing im doing different it under the screen im recessing a headunit along with a card reader, usb port, headphone jack etc. and the area under the screen will have a cover

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    great setup
    YAYY another first generation Altima owner!!!

    I have a 95 Altima which I am about to install a carputer into.

    I was wondering which method you used to route power to your laptop from the battery.

    Also I was wondering if you experimented with wiring the laptop from the trunk like I am planning to do. If you or anyone else with a first gen/ altima did AIM me at: romansandler

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    i am also interested in how the laptop is being powered. is there some sort of switch that you made for it? i am prob gonna mount my laptop in the trunk, but haven't thought about it exactly. i'm waiting for for my lcd to come in and for some free time to work on my project.

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    Good job, I guess yo won't be needing the Google map anymore

    I also was wondering about the viewing angle. I have tried to put my pda where the LCD will be mounted but I couldn't see as clear as I thought it should be.

    An alternative way I thought it could be done is by mount it just under the cup holder with an almost 45 degree slope, going from just bellow the the cd deck down to just infront of the gear shifter.

    It would be a bit low but at least i will have a full view of the screen, also its harder to fit as I will have to cut out the cup holder, sig lighter and the ashtray.

    But the up side, I will get to keep the cd player and the compartment.
    Just speaking my mind.

    btw, i have the older model altima, '95

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