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Thread: Anyone with a Ford Explorer

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    Anyone with a Ford Explorer

    I recently put a carpc in my 99 ford explorer and I removed all the pieces behind the radio to fit my 8.4" lcd. I'm now removing the 8.4" to put in a smaller screen but can you tell me what the ac/heat controls screw into? I not sure if there is a bracket or if it is part of the dash. If part of the dash I think I broke off the tabs Please let me know if you remember.

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    Maybe I can help you.. PM me so we can chat....

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    Im sry but im new at this forrum not sure how it really works but i have a 99 explorer limited with the 5.0 v8 has anyone found a k&N cone shaped air filter or any other sweet performance mods get back to me thanx.

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    this thread is from 2005....and you are dumb. Go find an explorer forum. This is a CarPC forum. The purpose for this forum is to modify a computer to work in a car. Not for your Ford Performance parts. Google it.

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