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Thread: Plastic and Poly Carbon Polishing.

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    Don't bother sanding it down. It will never be like new. I tried it, it looked ok for like a week, then it became yellow again.
    I'm waiting for some senior to back out of their garage without looking so I could replace my frontend

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLOWNZO6_pc
    LOL.. I do sales for a plastic injection molding company.. we use better than 2 million pounds of Polycarbonate a year and sell about $1.5 million+ per month in coated parts...

    Pretty much once the lenses are coated there is nothing you can do to them. People keep stating they polish and fix them, etc. If you are able to polish them up, you are removing the coating, they are dead after the coating is gone.

    Tail lights are another animal.. they are typically not coated and made with PMMA, which is very polishable, etc.

    Good luck.
    What about a UV stable clearcoat? Like UV-Pol or something.

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