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Thread: bmw 330ci questions

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    bmw 330ci questions

    i jus bought a 330ci and i wonder where i labeled "deck" in the picture above, is it deep enough in that spot to fit in a deck and is there enough room to fit in a slimline drive where i labeled "drive" ?

    im getting a install with a 7inch fab into the dash and have a eclipse deck and the drive in front for easy disc changes


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    I'd say the best looking solution is to leave the dash as it is, and put the cd in the armrest, and get the sound through an amp.

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    i've seen that in a 330 BMW...The guy ran wires from the headunit to the faceplate and molded it into the ashtray area...Can be done and will probably look better than the armrest idea...not too sure about the slimdrive but it looks like enough space...
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