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Thread: What filler to use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by casurfer911
    Would fiberglass resin work as the last step to fill in all those stupid little nicks and holes on the bondo? b/c i am right at this step right now, and it is so annoying.
    I wouldn't recommend it. I'd use a USC Icing or a similiar product.

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    If you are getting alot of pinholes you are not mixing the filler well enough or kicking it too hot. The filler should have an even color hue to it all the way through and mix it colder then it should be. This will give you a little extra time to finese it. Rage is proably the best filler available. I have yet to use anything comparable. Also body filler will not fill small pinholes nor would resin. You need a pinhole filler material like mentioned above.

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    A few always get past me and are not filled with the primer. I fill them in with a small pointed brush and some primer after the last coat is sprayed.

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    I will back Sick Vette up on his claim. I have not found any other products that can compare to Rage Gold. I use USC Featherite, it's similar, and half the cost. When you go through as much of it as I do, the cost is a big factor.

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