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Thread: Headlight LCD mod

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    maybe if you hit a pedestrian they can watch some movies while they wait for paramedics?

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    You guys are ridiculous. It's a show car. That car never sees the road, I'm sure. They don't judge by what's legal and what's not or what's practical and what's not. It's uniqieness, creativeness and workmanship. I think it's very nicely done.

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    I think its a pretty dumb idea to have an lcd like that in the headlight. It has no practical use whatsoever and even as a show car. I mean a show car is supposed to show new and improved PRACTICAL applications for your car.

    On the other hand if they could install these as projectors, you can park your car infront of a white wall and project a 100"+ image and this would really make you the talk of the town. You can turn your garage into a drive in home theater !!!! Now theres an idea !!!
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    that is the sickest idea i have ever heard!!!!!!

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    Wow, this is by far the dumbest thing I've seen today...
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    why ?? seems total waste of money if you asks me

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