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Thread: Mounting tips in BMW E34

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    Mounting tips in BMW E34

    First of all I would like to say hi to everybody. I'm new to this forum.
    I need some tips on mounting my screen in my BMW E34. I have seen some proposal which includes removing the ventilation rack in the middle of the dashboard. I have had the same thoughts but due to the whether condition where I Live (Sweden), I need to keep the ventilation. Anyone who could think of a good placement for a 7" Lilliput screen?

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    Red face Correct

    I found this pictures of the interior of an E34. Mine is the same but I have the climate control module were the heat control is placed on the picture.

    I have some ideas about a box, placed on to of the dashboard. "Hanging" the screen partly in front of the center ventilation.
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    in front of the shifter...remove the ashtray
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    Move the climate controls below the ashtray and put the screen where the head unit and climate controls are.

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    Thanks for the suggestions... I think I go with meatballman's idea. It suits my purpose best. I little more job but I hope it's worth it.

    I need the "top dash" ventliation and I've tried to mount it in front of the shifter but the distance feels to long....

    Any other ideas?

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    steering wheel, right in the center.

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    If you remove the ash tray and bracket the screen fits perfect in that opening in front of the shifter. That's where I'm putting mine. My problem is where to put the xm controller once I have the screen there.
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